I Believe, Do you Believe ?

I Believe



I believe in being strong when everything else is going wrong

I believe in unicorns and pots of gold at rainbows end

I believe in  happy girls being the prettiest girls ever

I believe that a nice smile is headier than even a vodka high

I believe we live just once and its better to blurt it than keep it in


I believe my friends are the best even if my enemies are all the rest

I believe in peoples words and that they will  stand by them

I believe in soul mates and that everyone has someone sure

I believe the time is now, to stand up and say i do and always

I believe that people leave only to find their way back soon


I believe we are born a way and we cant just turn someone else

I believe its logical to tell people when we believe in them

I believe we don’t die and we just turn into a twinkling star

I believe it doesn’t matter, in then end we always turn up right

I believe in a lot of things, but who believes me? That’s the thing.


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