The Monk Who Walks Alone.

The Monk Who Walks Alone.


So last week I took time off to travel alone to a few places like chitoor and near about which though just across the border from my state is a nevertheless strange enough place for a city bred fully cosmopolitan guy like me to get by. You know when I say it like this – that I travel alone- people imagine me an as an intrepid traveler bag and cameras slung behind and going adventuring and all that stuff but truth is travelling  traveling alone can be all that bit  it’s also, let me admit it a bit scary. Especially if you like me forget your mobile phone at home- leave it connected to the charge for a full charge and forget to pick it up before leaving home. But you know my motivation to do things alone? Its simple- there came a time in my life when everyone I knew was busy and there were so many places I wanted to go see but no one else wanted to go with me as it didn’t fit their idea of trip or vacation. And in the end I vacationed on my own because my desire to experiences something new beat down my fear of being alone in a strange place. Instead of waiting and waiting for people to make time from their busy lives to travel with me, I say just pack your stuff and make that trip. Or else it will always be on your to-do list.

One of the nicest things about travelling alone is taking all the time you want to see the things you want. For instance I cut off, lunch totally because I wanted to experience my visit to the fort fully and I had already had a hearty breakfast at tirupati my first pit stop and I didn’t feel hungry anymore. That’s the prime advantage of travelling alone- a total selfish trip. I also experienced the joys of using a public telephone booth- dropping coins inside to dial – after many, many years to call back home to ask my mom to switch off that damn mobile charger which was actually useless to me when I wanted. Despite not having a cell phone at hand for instant communication I really enjoyed the solo t trip and did not miss for once the interconnectedness of the modern world or the always on state of our lives. More than a solo trip it was a soul elevating one in more ways than I can say here in allowing me to connect to my inner self in utter isolation amongst teeming crowds. That alone- that sense of self worth among indifferent crowds is what made the trip totally worth it in my experience. If you haven’t made a solo trip once- do so at once- but unlike me please carry your mobile with emergency numbers on it as a safety measure. All the best.

P.S. No pictures for this post- as I didn’t have a mobile/camera with me.


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