May the Best Man Win

May the Best Man Win

challengeSo yesterday I was coming home in a bus from Tirupati (a city in South India) and I happened to get into a conversation with a girl on the seat next to me. after exchanging various pleasantries over the course of the next two hours we finally got to the meat of the matter in the final ten minutes when we were about to get down at Koyambedu bus stop.

As we were about to part soon, we exchanged facebook ids, twitter handles and mobile phone nos. and promised to stay in constant touch and catch up over a weekend soon. And then as a casual aside she told me

She : You know that i have a boyfriend, right?

Me: Yeah, i guessed as much from the constant way you were texting all through the time you were talking to me.

She: Oops, so you guessed from that?

Me: It doesn’t take a genius to guess that. Nowadays everyone has a boyfriend. No one is single anymore. Anyway it matters not.

She: What matters not?

Me : The fact that you have a boyfriend. I don’t mind if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It’s all the same to me and it won’t stop me from flirting with the right person if she comes along.

She : Really? Isn’t that wrong?

Me: Hell no, it isn’t wrong at all. No one knows the future. Who knows if your current boyfriend is your life partner or just a passing cloud? Fate can play strange tricks right? And it’s always better to have a crying shoulder all ready in advance.

She : You are strange.

Me: I am just practical. I don’t mind if a girl has a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even a husband or two tucked away somewhere. As long as i find her interesting and think i have a chance with her, i am ready to get into a contest with her guy to show her who is the better man for her. And may the best man win.

And she laughed and laughed and laughed at that till the whole bus was looking at us two trying to guess what the joke was.

And that’s my philosophy of life- if I am better and if destiny decides i will win. Who cares if there’s another guy already there? Not me. In my view he is just a bench warmer before I get into the ring. All I need is a fighting chance to show who I am. That’s all.

P.S. This post might sound incredibly arrogant to some of you. But those who know me/read me regularly will understand the sense in which I am writing this – my weird sense of humor and the oft-lamented fact that “nobody gets me”


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