Me Mark, Me Handsome.

Me Mark, Me Handsome.


This is what people think i look like

So this happens whenever I introduce myself as a cosmetic Surgeon:

New FaceBook Friend: Cosmetic Surgeon, Are you like Mark Sloan from Greys Anatomy?

Me : Well, yeah mostly the same, except for, you know…

(Significant Pause)…I dont sleep with my friends wives.

Thats the most important point to clarify, right?

P.S. The power of TV serials can make even a McDumpy like me as cool as McSteamy in people’s imaginations (as long as they only chat online and don’t meet me in real life). All Hail the makers of the TV serial Greys Anatomy for making surgeons so cool.

just me

And this is how i actually look like


3 thoughts on “Me Mark, Me Handsome.

  1. Boss why did you put the black and white pic? Put the colour pic? Life is not just about temporary physical appearances it is about a caring and loving heart 🙂

    • hahaa…mahesh…i just wanted to draw a few laughs…anyway i am sure to meet our fellow blogger Anu (who asked me this question) at the next blogger let her see me in my full-colour glory then

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