What’s The Right Word, Again?

What’s The Right Word Again? callwaiting

So a couple of days ago I got this weird phone call in the middle of a busy work evening….

Person (Sexy,female voice): Hello

Me : Oh, helloooo.

Person : This is Miss.So-and-so…and I am reporter with So-And-So newspaper.

Me (wary immediately and wondering what they have on me and who squealed): Yes?

Person : We are doing a feature for our supplement on blogging in Chennai. I know you are a member of the oldest, largest, best, most widely read and very popular blogging community of India who were the first ones to introduce blogging to ignorant Indians and taught them how to write from A, B, C, D etc and popularized their blogs and trained everyone to go potty etc…..and do you want to add a few words on the greatness of this blogging group, care to?

Me (irritated beyond measure): are you sure you dialed the right person?

Person : this is ganesh right?

Me (in a- you asked for it baby mood): yeah this is DOCTOR GANESH……

If you are Former Patient – Say “1”,

If you are current patient – Say “2”

And if you are a future patient – Say “Cheese”….

Now which one of my buttons would you like to press?

Person : Total silence….

Call Cut…

And that’s how I deal with pesky callers who impersonate reporters but act as publicists for random blogging groups. And for the record – no bloody blogging community taught me how to blog- I did it all on my own. And I would never go around ass-kissing anyone to get mentioned in the morning papers…I would rather get on with my life- my blogging is time pass and not an official endorsement for anyone

2 thoughts on “What’s The Right Word, Again?

  1. In spite of all the ‘humour’ tags you have added here if some beloved readers continue to find fault with this post – then there is no hope! The sequence of dial number options reminds me of Kramer for Seinfeld who does a phone movie-recommendation service 🙂 hilarious 🙂

    • ha…i too was surprised when some of our mutual facebook friends immediately messaged me with friendly warnings not to antagonize you-know-who and to delete this post…..i mean its a clear case of the dog being more loyal than the master…i cant say anything else

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