Proving a Damn Point.

Proving a Damn Point. main-qimg-53fdbbb0c15f210bf5925a18bca468d3

A friend was talking to me yesterday when he started complaining about the teasing he was suffering at the workplace from the management and how his entire job experience had turned bitter. When I asked him as to why he was still hanging around that damn job, for after all he was well qualified, experienced and bright and would be snatched up by any other competitor, the answer he gave me was this “because I don’t want them to win, I want to prove my point by sticking on there till they kick me out themselves”. Excuse me, you would rather wait to be kicked out then walk out with dignity? Surprising. Anyway to come back to this “proving a point” thing- I keep hearing this justification very often from plenty of others too and each time I wonder about it, whether it is a wisest course of action.

 The point is, I don’t get the point of proving a point (forgive the bad alliteration, coudnt resist). In my point of view any place, act, or situation which makes you uncomfortable and irritates you is a flashing red sign to get away from that stressful place (or person). If going to work every day means you are at a high state of tension throughout the day and the stress is going to give you High Blood Pressure, Kidney failure, maybe a Stroke or two and an Heart-Attack to boot, then I couldn’t care less about proving a point to some moron if it’s going to hurt me that much ultimately. No anger or grudge is worth destroying our own health and peace of mind. When I stated this belief of mine to another colleague seated nearby, he said that he sympathized with the other guy and if I didn’t agree with the majority view, then I must be a cold blooded type.

 I am not sure what he meant by being hot-blooded but if it means flying into a temper at the drop of a hat, boiling with rage, swearing vengeance, carrying grudges or fighting a vendetta to prove my point- then please count me out. I am not interested in remembering every hurt or betrayal and living just to take revenge for it. That is just not me- I am slow to anger, fast to cool down and I forgive easily. Life, to me, is too short and precious to waste it on grudges. I would rather forget and move on with doing my own thing. And I sure as hell don’t want to prove a point to anyone on anything if it means loss of peace of mind to me. In my often stated view- life should be calm, peaceful and stress-less as we glide over its smoothly polished surface.

 To intentionally create havoc in our own lives just to teach someone else a lesson is utter foolishness in my view. Karma will get them in due course so why waste all our energies and precious moments of the present planning a possible gloating moment of the future? Maybe I will never get it- why people are ready to go so far to get revenge. Maybe I really am a cold fish. Or maybe, just maybe, I am wiser than all those grudge-holders, revenge-seekers and point-provers. Who knows? Have you any idea?


One thought on “Proving a Damn Point.

  1. We are all caught in a trap or the other – EMI home-loan trap, family-trap – family with kids-trap… We keep taking crap professionally because we are all caught in one trap or the other. It is not easy to shift from one job to the other with markets being perennially dull after the great slump of 2001. At times one wants to chuck everything show the finger to a select few, pack a bag, board a train and go away to some remote place and start a life afresh – but too many commitments on hand/head and reality bites – this is the life that we chose knowing the risks involved and we continue to exist!

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