Feminist OR Ultra Feminist- Which Are You?

Feminist OR Ultra Feminist- Which Are You?

Is this what Feminism means to you?

There are feminists and then there are the ultra feminists. And no, an ultra feminist is not one of the common or garden variety of bra burning feminists but a pernicious blot on real feminists. But before I explain to you what I mean by an ultra feminist let me share with you the reason for this post. Last Sunday a friend messaged me that she would be on a TV talk show to discuss the newly prescribed dress codes for schools and colleges. Being free at the late hour of the night when the show was being telecast I could luckily watch the whole debate. The panelists were equally divided between those who supported uniforms for school students and those who opposed.

Only one of the panelists was a male and he was the most vociferous antagonist of any dress code for any purpose. During the course of the debate he made a startling statement that parents should not try to control their daughters’ dresses -even if they roam around in their underwear. He was immediately called to task by the other panelists, including my friend for making such an outrageous statement. They reminded him that they were talking about school kids here, just children and not mature adults who had the sense to decide what to wear or not. School uniforms are there for a purpose, not merely to showcase style, but also to make every child feel the same- to give a sense of equality despite variations in their parent’s economic statuses. As one of the panelists said- the school lasts only till 3PM and let them wear what they want outside the school.

But let me return to the man who said he would let his daughter wear just lingerie outside. I have often seen men like this on TV- panelists who make outrageous statements just to create a sensational talking point and to ensure that they are called back to the next show. I have no issue with what he said (most parents have better sense then that)- just the way he said it. It was so damn creepy the way he said it, almost as if he looked forward to that day when parents would let their daughters roam around in their undies. He was positively salivating when he made that statement. This is the guy who typifies my phrase- ultra feminist- I am a more feminist than you feminists type.

There’s a quote which goes something like this “God save me from my friends, For I can save myself from my enemies” That quote applies perfectly to guys like this who are exactly the kind of feminism advocates that women don’t need- just hypocrites who jump onto any bandwagon available if it profits them. It’s all very well to say that women have the right to wear they want. Of course, they do. No, one is disputing that. But we have to face reality. When even grown women who can defend themselves from attacks are being savagely raped, guys like this want defenseless children to be exposed to the eyes of predatory pedophiles. Is it safe to dress our children like that? Will you do so? or let someone in your family do so? no we won’t. But we will advise others to do so, wont we? For giving advice to others is our god-given birthright. And with barely a brush of conscience we can often advocate extreme positions in public while acting the opposite when it comes to our own private lives. Sometimes you feel that rogues are better than hypocrites and this is one such time.

What is REAL Feminism?

Anyhow I feel that the entire agenda of feminism has been hijacked by these ultra feminists into spurious byways off the original path. Feminism as it started out was about equal rights for half this earth’s population- in everything- socially, personally and financially. But now it has been degraded to the right to wear or not wear the briefest of clothes- the right to expose – to put it in perspective. Even at the risk of being called a male chauvinist I ask all women out there straight out, are this what you really want to fight for? I am sure the old time feminists would not be able to recognize this modern day avatar of feminism.

Feminism has been turned by these ultra feminists from something which celebrates women to mere male bashing. When you have 3 billion individuals of a particular species there are bound to be some retards and creeps among them- but that doesn’t mean that you have to look at the entire male half of the population with revulsion. There are good men too, and if you haven’t met one till now well, hold on, you might meet him soon. Don’t give up on us men so easily. And just don’t believe those men who scream loudest about women’s rights- they are most probably the creeps i mentioned earlier. Real men just live their lives on their own terms- they neither try to dominate others nor submit to being dominated. That is the definition of an alpha male. Not being a hypocrite who will say anything you want to hear just to bed you. Use your common sense and decide for yourself. And tell me what you think.

P.S. I wrote this first (briefly) as a Status on my Facebook Wall. The interesting comments which followed my FB wall post made me think about re-writing this as a detailed blogpost. In fact I am now convinced that I can in future float trial balloons of my blog post ideas as FB wall posts and based on the interest generated to go forward or not.


2 thoughts on “Feminist OR Ultra Feminist- Which Are You?

  1. Really well written Ganesh!

    What people choose to wear lies with them – till the nation offers security to each and every individual man, child and woman to be secure in public there’s no hope! And shows like NN are completely staged with the scripts pre-written and enacted with great aplomb!

    • you have understood my thoughts exactly mahesh..its all very well to scream for rights, but safety comes first…woudnt you rather be safe and unharmed than assert your right? especially when you know that no one including the mighty state will support you in your fight for your rights? taking on the system is all very well…but it should be after far more thought and for more important reasons- life and death- than this

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