To See Is Not To Do, Ok?

To See Is Not To Do, Ok?

See no Evil. Do no Evil

So, this morning I was inside the operatory doing a minor surgery on a diabetic patient- a young, female, diabetic patient when I overhear the following conversation from outside. The FNA- female nursing attendant standing guard outside in the anteroom is bawling in a loud, stentorian voice at someone who had come to meet me “No, you can’t go in now. The Doctor is inside doing a patient.” I immediately stop my work just as it is; lay down my instrument, pack the bleeding area with gauze, signal my assistants to take a finger-break and going to the door ask the loud-mouthed attender to step inside a minute. When she does, I give her my best smile and tell her “Next time, you should say either – doctor is doing a surgery or doctor is seeing a patient inside. Don’t mix them up and say I am doing a patient- sounds obscene to hear. Do you get it?” I move back to the table to re-start the surgery amidst the giggles of the entire staff. See or Do? There is a heck of a difference, isn’t there?


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