The Foto-challenge Post of CBC

[Disclaimer : This post is written as part of the CBC Photo-Post contest sponsored by ]

The Picture provided for the post contest is –


Your day begins as mine ends.

You sip your coffee and read your paper

And dress up leisurely to start for office

We wipe our faces and wash our hands

And draping the same towel, start for home

Eager to rest after a break-back night.

As you hurry to work in an A/C car,

Crawling along at a slow-paced sixty,

Anger suffuses you at the mere sight of us

Hogging the road you paid taxes for

And so you scream at us in road-rage

At both two legs and four.

You roll down the window

And shout loud “Po, Po Oram Po

You slow movers, stop blocking my way

Who allowed you all on these roads?

I will write to the editor of The Hindu about you,

Nuisance and nonsense, fire and fiddlesticks,

Bullocks and buffaloes hogging the road”

Swallow your anger saar,

We go as soon as we can,

You forget that as fast as you move,

You run on four wheels pushing a 1000 horse power

While we do it on a double bullock power

And one starved and skinny at that.

So bear with us O master, curse us not

We move as fast as we can, honest.

We hurry home to our hut work done

To hide before you lot arrive on the streets

We hide that we work the night, all night

To leave your roads and your city spotless.

For we know our place in this country of ours

We know that your India is not my Bharath

And till the two meet someday

We will Go, Oram Go.


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