On High Heels and Size Zero…

Have you ever had the eerie experience of walking down a hallway or a foyer of an office or an hotel, hearing footsteps behind you and by the distinctive clackity-clack echoing on the marble flooring know it is a woman, a woman in high heels who is coming up fast behind you and then you turn around to feast your eyes on the person wearing the high heels striding briskly by you, her confident stride showing her intent solely on her work? There is something extra attractive about a busy woman in high heels striding by with nary a glance around but lost in her own world of professionalism. Especially when the same woman is not aware of her effect on other bystanders and on-lookers. It’s the very fact that they are not self conscious is what makes such busy professionals so incredibly attractive to guys. This fact is lost on a lot of girls who think that the way to attract a man’s attention is to always look their best at all times and try a few coquettish tricks instead of just calmly going about their work minding their own business. The more self-absorbed (in professionalism) they are, the more incredibly attractive they look to guys. The why of which cannot be explained that easily.

Some girls are obsessive about trying to conform with what they think is the fashionable shape, based on popular culture (television/fashion mags/movie stars ) which showcases how a real woman is supposed to look at all times. Such women find it hard to believe that a man, a mere, admiring, wolf-whistling creature, who knows nothing about women’s feelings, such a man can be attracted to the whole package too. This creates a practical difficulty for most men who look at women as a lovable whole, warts and all and don’t give a damn about their waist size, height or weight and certainly never worry about any body part that can be measured by a tape (and indicated in alphabets and numerals). And normal men are not stupid enough to believe that any real woman can ever conform to the fantasy body structures (the size zero look) maintained by film stars who are paid daily (by their producers) not to eat but to look like refugees from a famine stricken land. The film stars who undergo such an ordeal are, if you believe the gossip magazines, almost always half mad all the time, as they are half starved all the time and hungry enough to eat up their co-stars given half a chance. Which might even happen one day.




Anyway, contrary to what the advertisement industry has conned us all into believing- having spoon fed the theory that the thinner the better and the part played by celebrities who unethically promote unreal and unlikely shapes as the ones to aspire for by impressionable young girls. As I said, contrary to this entire BS, the real attraction between a man and woman is entirely based between the ears and the other body parts are mere add-on packs, just optional and not essential. Men, always have and always will be attracted by the quality of the mind and the empathy and sympathy which envelops when the two minds interact. The rest is just mere packaging. And, as time flies by, the outside of the package fades. But when you unravel the thread tied in a bow then what finally counts is what’s inside the package and that’s what lasts a lifetime. The rest is just a pretty paper cover. So when a man falls for a woman he falls for the whole package and not just for the pretty label or the nice paper. Real women, are interesting and attractive in themselves, not as a set of numbers or as a collection of body parts. And busy women? Oh they are the greatest of nature’s aphrodisiacs.


P.S. I am kind of partial myself to a busy woman in formal pantsuits walking around Blackberry in hand….such a sight makes my day.


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