A Skirt lifting Cyclone called Nila

As the Cyclone Nila struck my hometown Chennai and everyone my age- you know the school going age?- celebrated a free holiday at home, I was forced to go to work. This is because of my hospitals emergency/disaster management policy, which consists of a simple phrase- put ganesh on-duty. So I had to make my way through the rains and the wind and the empty streets to duty is duty. I actually enjoyed the journey as the bus I took to work today while going through the streets resembled a boat floating the waters. As I hung onto the last step, every wave which sloshed up the steps of the bus, wet my ankles and my sandals giving me a feeling of being at the beach. I had previously rolled up my trouser legs to prevent it getting wet and as I also wore all black to prevent any accidental splashing by passing cars, I must have looked a strange and bedraggled sight by the time I reached my work place.

Thankfully, work was a total hoot today. There were no patients around all day. I mean who in the right minds would come to visit a hospital in the midst of a cyclone. I spent most of my time online giving regular updates on my joblessness. Also feeling a little like I was in the middle of a vampire movie. Its Halloween, I am sitting all alone in a dark, empty room, the winds and rains lashing around, all perfectly like a horror movie. I was looking forward to a vampire jumping out any minute to attack me and was hoping that it would also be a female vampire asking me “can I drink your blood”? and I would go on to say “you may not you foul thing, I just donated a pint last week, so go to the blood bank if you need a drink that bad”. Well, imagination, you know, runs riot when you have nothing much to do, or no one to talk to.


Anyway, at two pm when my duty time was over a nurse rushed over with the glad news that the govt had announced a holiday for the rest of the day starting from 3pm. And I made my home. And here comes the interesting part. On my way back, the rain had abated a little because of what they call the eye of the storm being nearby which means lesser rains and more winds. The wind was blowing, really blowing, hard at everything pushing me back as I walked forward. For a minute I felt like that scene from the movie Nayagan where Kamalhassan walks into the water spray being directed at him by the villain. Anyhow with all that wind around, the thing I was hoping to see did not happen. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was perfect skirt-lifting weather. But were there any skirts around? None. It seems, not a single Chennai girl seemed inclined to have her own Marilyn Monroe moment. You missed it, you poor girls. Now you have to wait till next year for the same weather.

The Pics below will tell the story better of what I expected and what I really saw today:



(Pics Courtesy :google images)


2 thoughts on “A Skirt lifting Cyclone called Nila

    • Vandana, wasn’t this one named by Pakistan? or so i read on the net….that they have a collection of computer generated names which are selected by rotation..anyhow as to why women names..i guess it must be someone idea of a joke…people and their sense of humor cannot be predicted right?

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