Love & Hate are the only things…..

Short Story……Love & Hate are the only things….. 


When Mahesh walked in through the door of the Intensive Care unit, he was unable to control his shock. He hadn’t expected such a sight. His Nila, his beloved Nila, was lying there on the bed swathed in bandages from head to toe, with tubes running out of her everywhere. What little he could see of her aroused anger in him. Anger against himself for bringing her to this state. For hadn’t she come with him, trusting him? And here she was lying unconscious on a hospital bed. And he had gotten away so lightly. Where was God when you wanted him?
The door opened again and the person who entered didn’t notice him at first, all eyes on the still comatose Nila. But when he turned and finally saw Mahesh, the rage poured out off him in waves “You” he shrieked “You scoundrel, how dare you, you, show your face here again?” he paused before screeching again in a voice which would bring the entire hospital staff down on them in a minute “After what you did to my daughter, how can you stand there beside her bed like this? Get out, get out now, I don’t want to see your face for one more minute or I will turn a murderer”
The doors opened again and a doctor and nurse, followed by a group of what seemed young trainee doctors trooped in to stare at the unconscious figure on the bed. In the sudden crowd no one seemed to notice the two belligerent figures standing on either side of the bed, both of whom automatically retreated to the two opposite ends of the room, leaving space for the doctors. “Any improvement nurse?” asked the chief doctor, to which the nurse replied “Not till now doctor, she is still as serious as when she was brought in this morning” the nurse explained. One  of the students leaned over to whisper to the nurse “what’s the history of this patient, matron?” and the nurse replied “oh the usual, love affair, elopement with the boy and a tragic twist, for the girl’s father followed them in a car of his own and rammed the car in which the two lovers were fleeing. In the accident, only this girl survived, the other two men, her lover and her father died on the spot”.

8 thoughts on “Love & Hate are the only things…..

  1. for someone who grew up on O.Henry and Saki….and Rajesh Kumar and Indira Soundarajan…the last line twist is the most seductive of thriller writings Jaishree…this is just a start (hopefully)..

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