Hands Off, You Perverts

Although I am a sporadic visitor to Twitter, I sometimes am quite simply puzzled by some of the tweets which appear on my Twitter Timeline. Especially from girls who live-tweet during their journeys on public transport about the harassment they face daily. And by harassment I mean, inappropriate touching. Yes, let’s not be squeamish about it and talk diplomatically. So many of these girls tweet about being touched down their back, up their front and today, unbelievably, one girl was tweeting about being pawed on her shoulder. Shoulder, if you didn’t get it the first time. I am way beyond puzzled by what the guy was thinking of when he did the shoulder touching act. Does he get off on shoulders? Seriously? I think he was either brain damaged or totally creepy. Yuck. And I really sympathize with girls who have to use public transport and undergo so many assaults and pinching and gropings on a daily basis which is like being punished again and again for no fault of their own. Any girl who values her dignity nowadays avoids public transport like the plague and buys a two wheeler as the first sign of her freedom. But it’s the ones who cannot afford to do so- for various reasons- who suffer these indignities on a daily basis and dread those up and down journeys. Money does have its privileges doesn’t it? 
Anyway, the point of this post is I want someone to explain to me why this happens? Is it because these guys come from lower economic class perhaps? The ones who don’t talk to a woman till they actually marry one? Don’t they know that it absolutely impossible to compare this forcible invasion of a woman’s body to the exquisite pleasure of doing something when a woman actually wants you to? Or is that concept of a “No IS A No” beyond them? Is it the current cinema culture? When sexual harassment of the heroine, is passed off as the only respected way of courtship?  Even upto getting her drunk and then magnanimously not having sex with her in her comatose state?. As if that happens in real life, where every other guy has in his back pocket a couple of Diazepam tablets (date rape pills?) handy to drop into the drinks of girls who leave their glasses unattended for a couple of seconds. Come to think of it, in our popular films, they don’t show how normal people, for instance people who study in coed institutions behave comfortably with women, they show only the craving for female attention, sex starved lustful males as the ideal, macho “MAN” who every girl secretly admires in her heart.
So I really would like everyone to pass on this public service message to all the guys of your acquaintance- it sucks dudes, to touch a woman against her will. Take it from me; you are better off waiting till you get some girl who wants you to. It really is worth it. So please, please, hands off others bodies. How would you like to be groped and pinched at all your tender spots? And to take advantage of someone’s helplessness just because they have no other option but to continue to be at your mercy? That is really, really rotten guys. Please change. Keep your hands to yourselves.

7 thoughts on “Hands Off, You Perverts

  1. I had to go through all that you written during my school-days when I was quite timid and shy. I didn't know what to do and often ended up moving away. Eventually, I learnt how to handle such stuff but when I think about the former days, I still shudder. Some guys are so bloody perverse that they push their erect prick against you. Ha. It was the limit. Everyday travelling in those buses is something quite scary for women. But all said and done, I have also seen women who enjoy such touching. There are always two sides to every issue.Joy always,Susan

  2. and men who watch such movies take it for granted (atleast naive men) that the only way to impress a girl is to constantly harass her..that's why we need more urban centric stories rather than all this fantasy fueled movies showing dark guys hunkering after fair ladies Jaishree

  3. Well Said Doc!! And yes films are a lot to blame…The hero will have no aquaintance with the heroine,….He would run after her, and physically harass her and if she refuses to reciprocate…she does not understand his feelings and 'True Love'..What non-sense!

  4. Absolutely Karen….i have no first hand idea of what women go through, but the little i hear from my friends who are women, has me either scratching my head with bewilderment about those creeps and alternatively boiling with anger at how could they. i have had just one instance in my life of being touche-up inappropriately and it was such a scary thing (for me) that i shudder to think of what you girls go through daily. i can only offer my sympathies.

  5. Doc, you have no idea how sickening it can get… makes me think whether these demented jerks have mothers and sisters. And yes, society and films are part to blame… boys don't know how to behave around girls.

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