Sex, Lies and Videotape

Ok…I guess the title was the one which dragged you here posthaste…So a little confession, there is actually no sex or lies or videos in this post. The title was my attempt at a little humour and to increase the hits for my 100th post..
Yes ladies and gents. At last I seem to have hit the number, no, it’s definitely not in what you think .This is my 100th post on my blog which seems quite a big achievement for somebody as lazy as me. But to put it in perspective I was talking to a young friend recently at a blogger meet and she told me that she had started late, very late to blog and had just about completed five years in blogging. “hey” I asked enthusiastically “how old are you now” she tossed her head back and said “eighteen”…hold on, I thought to myself “she started blogging at 13 and now she is complaining that she started blogging so late?’ I shook my head “talk about kids being precocious nowadays”.  We had been blogging pretty much for the same five year period during which she had gone past a thousand and more posts while I after huffing and puffing for five long years have just reached the hundred mark. I guess these people right daily, while I laze around without putting my bum in the chair in front of the computer and just excuse myself that I am waiting for inspiration to strike me and only then I can produce profound writings on worthwhile subjects. Talk about fooling yourself.
When I started out blogging in 2007, and spoke to a few friends about it, they looked at me like I had mentioned an unmentionable body part in polite company…blogging? What have doctors got to do with blogging? We are not IT people…that seemed to be the prevalent attitude. But I didn’t let it affect me..i decided to blog about things close to my heart. Like how I am always in two minds about things because my mom and dad both being lawyers, had trained me from infancy to argue both sides of a problem, depending on which client paid the fees first. The legal profession in India escaped a very great hazard to its health when I declined to join law to assert my independence to my dad for having mapped out my whole life without asking me first.
And then, around the period I started blogging, I also started hanging out with those cool dudes, those party people, manoj, prakash etal..They introduced me to a world at odds with normal everyday Chennai life…a high partying lifestyle for exclusive people. And the way they got their kicks was in allowing limited entry to those fresh-off-the boats wannabe celebs/filmstars who with their gauche act were the clowns of the party without realizing it..i couldn’t help myself from joining in making fun(rarely), although I always regretted it later. And my blog was a way of catharsis of those emotions- the repressed laughter to prevent hurting them who just didn’t realize they were the butt of all the jokes all evening. Some of them are now even a bit famous in public although to the jet setting gang they will always be jokers. But enough of the past let’s look to the future and the way my blogging is going to be for the next year. After all I never really thought I would reach 100 posts.
So on the occasion of this huge and significant number, I have made a few resolutions.
1)      Actually write all those posts I keep thinking I have to write someday
2)      Finish those half-written posts pasted all over my desktop.
3)      Less trolling the internet for ex-girlfriends and more productive use of time spent online
4)      Less porn watching
5)      Learn to type with all five fingers/both hands….the index finger hurts after typing 100 words..
6)      Stop revisiting all those painful love episodes (past) in the guise of writing short stories.
7)      Read atleast two worthwhile blogs a day…and film-review blogs don’t count.
8)      Shamelessly ask for worthwhile ideas for improving my blog design from other bloggers- even if I am not tech savvy- I should be able to follow clear instructions right?
9)      Lose weight..ok this has got nothing to do with blogging..but what the hell, it creeps into any resolution list I make…
10)    Find the love of my life….who knows? Blogging might help this too…
So, that’s it- if I follow at least a few of these for the next few months, the next hundred might not take me this long. So keep coming, the good things are just beginning..

5 thoughts on “Sex, Lies and Videotape

  1. LOL! It must be easier to blog when you're 13 and do not have to worry about working for a living and all of the baggage that comes with that! You can bet that the young lady would find it much more difficult to blog at the same rate when she is older.

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