Part 2_How A 3-D Film Ended Up Becoming A 3-X Film

(This Post contains Strong and Explicit content and is suitable only for Adult Readers and those above 18+ yrs…..) 

 Part 2 – We Decide on a Movie

So there I was sitting and minding my own work when, guess who pops in? Manoj. Actually, I had more than an inkling that he might do…for the day had gone uniformly bad till then and as they say bad luck never comes alone but in spades. I had hoped for a quite end to the day, but it was not to be. The nurse who was stationed outside had failed to warn me that I had an unwelcome visitor and I just couldn’t run out the back door like I had often done before. But this time I was caught in a vice and had to go with the flow, wherever fate lead me on today, because Manoj was here and he was not the character to take “no” for an answer. Resigned to my fate, I gave a wan smile and welcomed him in and asked him to sit down and then as the stupid nurse at last peeked in, I signaled to her to go and get us a couple of coffees and that gave us the privacy to talk freely.

After the initial “Howdy dudes” I asked Manoj what was up with his life and he shrugged to indicate nothing major. I went on probing “I heard you got engaged some time back, how’s that coming along? When’s the glad date, for the nuptials?”. He shrugged again and said “It’s been called off- the girl didn’t like me or my attitude” “What attitude?” I enquired in a wondering tone “You usually know your way around girls, dude and I can’t believe that you messed up. Looking foolish in front of girls is for mere mortals like me, but you?” I shook my head in disbelief. ”Ahhh” he dragged the word out as if unwilling to share a painful story, then taking the plunge went on “everything was fine till the engagement dude and then she showed her evil side. She wanted me to abandon my parents and move in with her parents. How can I do that? Am I not an only son? And you know how much love my mother has kept on me?” and he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

I almost believed him then, almost, and if I didn’t know my friend better, I would have said that he really grieved for the lost girl. But I had already had inside information and so I only wondered how fine an actor had been lost to the film world. I looked around in my drawer for the box of tissues I kept there for the rare day I needed some solace and I offered him one and waited for him to wipe his eyes, blow his nose and compose himself before I said “Dude. Bala told me everything already” and I smiled at him. He immediately grinned at me and winked – “It happens dude, she deserved it.” And I smiled back. That’s the thing with Manoj- you catch him red-handed – he will accept it immediately and cheerfully, instead of offering any half-assed excuses.

Now the story that Bala had told me earlier was that Manoj’s mother, for his father was always away on official duty somewhere or the other (and we who had lived in the same apartment since childhood had never met him more than a couple of times) and Manojs’ mother, who herself was a high ranking officer in the central government had through her contacts, fixed up a nice and proper alliance for him- same family status and all. For a change, Manoj seemed to like the girl too which was a rare experience, for he was always dodging the wedding bullet, by asking for time to consider.

But this time his mother decided not to let him get away that easily and so had arranged an immediate-on the spot engagement at the end of the girl seeing itself and Manoj was caught. He had no advance warning and there looked to be no escape from it or at least for an ordinary person, but this was Manoj and they hadn’t reckoned on his ingenuity. Anyway, Manoj had patiently gone through the engagement as if he was such a dutiful son but had been plotting a mega plan in his mind.

 After the engagement, he had started talking to the girl and somehow they had hit upon mutual friends and all, as both were working for IT companies. Gradually, he had established confidence in her and had started taking her out and as they went out oftener the girl got more and more comfortable with him. And then had come the master-stroke.

He had somehow arranged with the girl to go on a picnic trip to Mahabs stating that a lot of their mutual friends and couples were coming along and the girl had told her parents that she was going on a orientation/bonding trip with her company people on the weekend and then went away with Manoj.

Once at GRT, Temple Bay, Mahabs he had somehow convinced her that no one else was coming and this was going to be a grand experience -a trip worth remembering all their lives- and she had consented to stay on. They had spent the weekend together having sex and on the way back, in fact just as soon as they had left Mahabs limits, Manoj had used his Brahmastra.

 He had gradually introduced the topic of their future married life and had insisted that she give up her job and stay home and cook for him and his mother. Argument had escalated into a shouting match and she had called him the usual “Male Chauvinist Pig” and all, which was what Manoj was waiting for. He had driven her to absolutely rage cold-bloodedly (calling her a slut for sleeping with a him before the wedding) till she was foaming at her mouth and just when she looked like assaulting him with deadly weapons (for suggesting that she fall at his feet and beg forgiveness if she wanted the marriage to go ahead) he had dropped her off at her home.

There had been absolute silence for a week after that, till on the weekend her father had turned up at Manoj’s place. With a sorrowful look on his face he had apologized profusely to Manoj and his mother and had said that he had come to call the marriage off as his daughter absolutely refused to go through with it for reasons she refused to tell. Manojs’ mother had shouted at him for their loss of face in society if the news got out, but he had apologized with tears in his eyes saying his daughter threatened to commit suicide if they went on with further arrangements.

 Manoj stepped in then very graciously and offered to forget everything, for as he put it, what good will a marriage do, if there is no meeting of the hearts and it was better to avoid now itself, all future unpleasantness. The poor man, his ex-father-in-law had gone off pouring out his everlasting gratitude to Manoj and promising him any help he wanted at any time in the future. And Manoj’s mother, to heal his broken heart, had financed him a trip to Thailand to undergo “Naturotherapy”.

“Dude” I just had to ask him “but how were you so sure that she wouldn’t trip you up by telling her parents about your weekend together at Mahabs? That was a damn big risk you took”. Manoj smiled at my naivety and said “For the simple reason that this wasn’t the first trip she gone to Mahabs. She had already been on a company “Family Get-together” couple of times before. She confessed it all to me at the room and I graciously forgave her past remarking that we are here to start a new life and so let the past go- in the mood I was in then, I would have said anything. And so, there was no way later that she was going to snitch on me to her parents”.

I leant back in my chair and paused to admire him. He had pulled off a difficult one- the old “Use Your Finger to Pock Your Eye” technique. It was an old one, been around for centuries and I thought no one fell for it nowadays, but now and then you do find someone stupid enough to fall for it, huh? Besides it was quite risky, as sometimes it may backfire on you, as another one of my friends, Raj, found out to his cost.

Raj had been quite a player in his time but he tried that same trick one too many time and had got caught. He had taken out a lady friend, when no one was there at his house, for a bonding session and had later tried the old technique to get rid of her. But she, wise woman, had stuck to him like a leech, despite his more and more desperate and frantic stratagems to get rid of her. Nothing worked. She had successfully threatened him with the law and punishment and women’s organizations and Dharnas in front of his house, until his parents to prevent their son from going to jail, had finally got him married at a local temple silently and the lady became his loving wife.

Raj ended up getting a daily reminder from her at bedtime –of all his attempts to besmirch her reputation every single day of their “happily” married life and was increasingly being driven to desperation until he attended a conference at a different city. There, he happened to meet a few erstwhile college mates of his wife and as they were all discussing what happened to the girl who was such an easy lay during their college says, raj discovered that the woman in discussion was his current wife.

Greatly relieved and armed with authentic knowledge (and evidence) Raj returned home a new Man, master of his own household and silenced his wife’s attacks on him permanently with his knowledge of her past history. He is back to playing the field again and his wife has now a don’t ask/don’t tell policy regarding his hunts.

Anyhow, Manoj then proposed that we go to a film as he hadn’t seen a Tamil film for a long time. I pointed out that we may not get tickets at this late hour. He waved me off and said that there is a film called Ambuli-3D for which you can walk in and get tickets anytime. So, I wrote down a permission letter for the afternoon and we left for the theatre to catch that movie. As we went out, I asked Manoj whether we should call Bala, but he smiled mischievously and said “Its afternoon, I don’t think he will choose to spend his time with us, dude, when the next door auntie, you remember her from the opposite flat?, will be all alone at home” And so we went away.

Whatever was going to happen at the movie?… on in the next part.


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