My Teenage Love Poems-3

From the Archives: My Juvenile attempts to write verse in my Teen-years



How can love be a Failure?
There’s a piece of God in everyone
Even in the person you love
And, no matter what
God never fails to love you
So how can Love be a Failure?
Whoever you Love you are loving God
So your love is never wasted
For God will take care of you
In his own special way
And for those parents who oppose love-beware
It’s not love you oppose but Divinity
It is an irresistible force, which’ll
Sweep you away
And the only way to survive
Is to drown in it and come out clean
For love like Faith
Has the capacity to wash away
All the unwanted
And show you the Real Truth
The ultimate Aim
Unlimited ecstasy
The path to Divinity
And Remember, the way the Gopikas worshipped Krishna

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