Hello world! I am now on Audialtempartem.wordpress.com

Welcome to my new Blog on WordPress.com. My previous Blog on blogspot with the same title “Audi Altem Partem” http://audialtempartem.blogspot.in  will now be discontinued and i will be moving to open source platform WordPress to host my blog.

I am forced to take this unnecessary and unpleasant step by the harsh and absolutely unfair privacy policy (recent changes) by Google.com which owns BlogSpot my previous Blog Hosting platform.

I hope you my loyal readers will not be inconvenienced by this abrupt move and will continue to patronize my blog-posts…and i hope to provide more entertainment for you in the coming weeks/months/years.

p.s. the previous site will still exist as i have more than 5 years of my work there but new posts will be posted here. if you feel like accessing the archives here’s the link :

Audi Altem Partem

Thanks for all the encouragement and comments, you keep me going,

  Ganesh Puttu


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