A Lovers Lament…….

Through the vale of darkness
The valley reeking fear 
Through the paths of the undead

The heart stricken by fear
Through the mighty oceans
The storms and sinking ships
Through the pitiless peaks
The jagged cliffs so cold
Through the deepest jungles
The poisons and beasts to clear
And even through the gates of Hades
Though the Grim Reaper himself guard
I’d dare them all together
I’d dare them all-alone, And
My Love, My dear Love, I will come for you
If I knew you were near.
For, Once, I let you go
And never knew peace at heart
For, Once, I thought I was cleverer
And laughed I’d thrown you off
Young I was and foolish
And never knew what I’d got
And then you left me forever
I woke and knew my loss
Words are just not enough
To express what I feel
I’d love to tell you All
If only we could meet
Heaven is where you went to

Or so your friends swear

When I have them sweating

A switchblade at their throat 
But all Heaven cannot hide you

From a lover like me

If Heaven is where you are

Then Heaven will I come

Watch out then O’Heaven

Stay away, off my way

For I’ll care naught for reputations 
Heed not for situations

If only My Love, I can meet.

2 thoughts on “A Lovers Lament…….

  1. Thanks Ashiwini, i just imagined how a Pati-Savitri would feel deprived of his love and wrote the above verses….why should women alone be thought to be faithful as Sati Savitri(the one who fought with Yama for her love?)….Cant men be that faithful too? thats the premise of this poem

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