My Love Lessons…..

After all these years- I have really learned a few things about Love which I am going to summarize here for my own benefit.

Firstly- falling in love is easy- work of a moment….its actually being in love that’s difficult…you have to work on it a lot- go through the tough times, forget the fights, forgive the misunderstandings. Show a big heart and make the first move- it takes a lot of, lot of work to stay in love with the person you fell in love in one second…

Secondly- crushes are not love- and you learn this as soon as the object of your affection opens her mouth- making you long for the time when she was just a good-looking face…..

Finally- a true love is not someone who can just give you affection when you want, they give you affection even when you don’t want- for example when you are hurt or wounded because of other factors in your life (job/boss/stress etc)- and it helps if they also make you laugh a lot- all the time

And oh, you can recognize true love when just looking at the person when they first walk into your sight- takes your breath way- you cant breath-all the oxygen seems to have disappeared- you are hyperventilating- you feel like an asthma patient or an heart attack patient with the pain in your heart- the minute you look at them- THAT’S TRUE LOVE


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