My Small. Small, wishes…..(Chinna, chinna asai…Chotti si asha)

Lots of people have lots of expectations when it comes to their marital lives and I am no exception to it. But, heres the caveat, my expectations are all quite small and remarkably silly- hope my future wife doesnt fall down with laughter on hearing about them…..

1) Bed Coffee/Good Morning- to be woken up early (not too early) on a sunday morning with a steaming cup of filter Coffee by my wife who has freshly showered and has her hair tied up and draped in a wet towel and smiling at me….(instead of screaming- are you still asleep when there is so much work to do?)

2) Sitting and watching an-ever running TV serial with my wife – on the rare day I am early at home- and discussing the story twists taking place in the serial over the past one year or so……just sitting and talking about useless stuff.

3) Morning when I am leaving for office- and I tell my wife to lock the door and I go out- she closes the door but still keeps a small crack open and leans there waiting and watching me till my car finally leaves- not banging the door in my face and saying good riddance/just go to office.

4) When she makes some special dish for me and serves me- she takes it up in her fingers and feeds it to me in my mouth (like for a child) despite my protestations of “thats enough, thats enough” – instead of saying come on get up- you have had enough and your tummy’s growing.

5) When I am worried and depressed and come over to the house in a despondent mood- she just takes my hand in hers and says – “whatever the problem, I am here with you, dont worry” – actually she doesnt have to say those words out loud, just a meaningful look would be enough.

I dont know how many of these i am actually gonna see happen in my life- but if i get an understanding wife – I might give her the link to this blog post and see if (after her initial hilarity) she might try and grant me one or two atleast of my small, small wishes. They might all seem silly to her- but if she loves me then she woudt mind doing a few sily things to please me – if thats what I want. Hope I get an understanding wife…

P.S. I do have some more ultimate fantasies (of marital life) -things involoving sleevless nighties and other X-rated stuff- but they are too personal to share on the Internet….they are only for my wife’s ears.


5 thoughts on “My Small. Small, wishes…..(Chinna, chinna asai…Chotti si asha)

  1. Remind me once again not to write a post immediately after watching a romantic movie…..and you are spot on right Sindhu- about not publishing anything immediately after writing but to put it aside to review later…sorry that i didnt get such advice early on in my blogging career. And V- i confess i am a diehard romantic and it goes wihout saying that my wife's wishes are mine too- be they small or fact if i understand her well, i should be able to anticipate her, right??

  2. Are these huge expectations, V? I think not. There are reasonable and definitely attainable. In fact, there are the small things in life which makes man (and woman) go on and every person is justified in dreaming of it. You are right – it is over all, a reflection of the need for love but who does not need love and for that matter, who, in his lifetime, does not wish for these things? Many do end up getting it and I hope Ganesh does too! 🙂

  3. Ganesh – you have HUGE expectations. These are all not "chinna aasai", they are a reflection of one single state of mind, the state of being in love. When someone loves you then these aasais are fulfilled more or less by default. -VPS: Then again, remember that your wife too would be having her chinna chinna aasais that reflect your love for her.

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