My Weight Loss Secret- Revealed at last

Many people have over the past 3 years repeatedly questioned me about my amazing transformation from fat to fit- losing over 33 Kilos in a little over a year. And acieving enough cardio-vascular fitness that I’m now a regular at long distance sports meets and marathons….

Now, For the first time ever, (on National Television) I am going to Share the secret of my weight loss….So hold on – here it comes…..Its called, Ladies and Gentlemen….WILLPOWER…

Yes, you heard it right.. I lost all that weight with my mind…Of course, dieting helped and so did exercise- but first and foremost you really have to make up your own mind- accept that you are fat (when you look in the mirror) and avoid trying to find excuses – saying fat people do lead happy lives…take it from me, they dont.

I’ve been through it all – Binge-eating, serial dieting, blaming others…everything – before I found the courage to accept that it was I who was responsible and I Have to change..

Late at night, when everyone’s asleep and you cant go to sleep with hunger pangs – because you are on a calorie-restriction diet…thats when your mind and will-power really need to be strong.

You give in to temptation and something tastes so good that you help yourself liberally to it and feel sick about it later – know you have gained back a few kilos that you reduced just last week….thats when you have to be strong, refuse to give into depression and go back to a starvation-diet till you get back to where you dropped off the wagon…Willpower helps.

So – the secret to weight loss is a strong mind and living like a monk avoiding all temptations as acts off the devil…..I’ve been on the fast-track path to sainthood for the past three years….

And of course, starvation helps. F**K those doctors/nutritionists and all those diet-advocates…just drink water and restrict yourself to just one meal a day..see how fast you slim down- and you wont die that easy – you are a product of 5 million years of evolution – your body was made to starve….and you’ll lose weight even when you sleep.

So, drink water, plenty of water whenever you feel hungry…And be strong…

Good luck, with your weight loss…..


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