Kandhasamy the Movie – Review…

Well, I am for once completely non-plussed after watching a movie. Woah! Hold on, you’re thinking – was the movie so good?. Thankfully NO. It was average at best, Boring frequently with the usual convoluted tamil-film plot and an atrocious Cock-Makeup and acting sequence by actor Vikram who could have quite frankly dispensed with it for all the difference it made to the movie-experience.

But why am I bewiildered?. The Villian – for God’s sake. Second time this year, at a Super-hero movie, the vilian has not only taken the cake but eaten it too…..The notional villian in Kandhasamy, Ashish Vidyarthi, is just about Ok. What I’m talking about, the “Real Villian” about whom a chance remark from the row in front of me at Abirami Mall (noon show) where I’d gone to watch the movie, alone as usual, was the one who intrigued me. As per the story (spoiler alert) the villian is a Nationally- respected Software-czar, with more than a passing resemblance to living persons, who calls himself the “Face of New India”. Ring a bell? I was alerted to the resemblance to a gentleman from Bangalore by a group of , of all the people, software students sitting in the front row. They would know, wouldn’t they?

Anyway it was all fun after that. Every time the villian appeared somone in the audience would cat-call “Naraya……” or “Inf….” everytime a raid was conducted on the company and hero Vikram would lecture on how these software companies cheat the Indian poor by hiding their profits abroad. What was even more fun was someone was screaming the above “gentlemans” (?) daughters name (I didn’t even know he had a daughter till I saw the movie) “Va….” everytime Shriya Saran appeared on the screen – doing Hawala transactions for her father in skimpy outfits/foriegn locales…It was total fun after that, trying to watch the movie and compare it to recent happenings on the news – edge of the seat stuff, trying to understand….

Now, my question is, and I am breaking my head over this (Tell me, Tell me, Tell me,Please)…..Does director Susi Ganesan really have some info/dirt on this gentleman and had written it into the screenplay? Or has college students in Chennai picked up a passing resemblance and turned it into a caricature of the “Face of Indian Software Industry”? I can’t judge either way without adequate evidence….Will the Real Slim Shady please Stand-up?

Over to you Susi…….


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