Help!!! I have been hit on…

The weirdest incident happened to me recently and though it grossed me out completely at the moment – on further reflection it actually felt cool. Ok, to start from the beginning- I was at the British Council Library in Chennai recently on an afternoon- which I often do when I dont particularly have any place to go to, although I’m in the mood to hang out somewhere… Anyway I was sitting there minding my own business when this Sarong-clad (can’t describe it any better) person looking like a South-east Asian walks upto the sofa and sits down beside me. He opens up his lap-top and gets busy while I am looking at Mens Health Magazine and going crazy at all those sculputed hot-bod bodybuilders (God, how long is it going to take poor ol’ me to get a body like that?). Suddenly I felt a light brush on my thigh – and I thought it was accidental and let it go. A couple of minutes later I had definite confirmation that it wasn’t an accident -the guy beside me ran a finger on my thigh – caressed it actually. By God, I freaked out- wanted to punch him in the face. Then decided that discretion is the better part of valor and escaped from there- literally ran out of the reading area to the lounge where lotsa people were milling about- I suppose I felt safe in a crowd. I took a moment to reflect on what happened – No, It wasn’t my imagination – I’d definitely been Hit on. Girls have this happenening to them fairly frequently I suppose – they have defense mechanisms and escape codes already prepared – but for a guy it is a novel experience. Now what made that guy try his move on me? do i look like…? God Forbid. On the other hand, on further reflection, I think its kinda cool, isn’t it? I have now become a Gay Icon- I have joined the ranks of David Beckham, Ranbir Kapoor, George Clooney..all the quintessential metrosexuals. In other words – I Have Arrived….


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