My new OCSD and My Miracle Cure from my TFE

Life on the wrong side of 30 can look daunting at first but having reached that milestone 15 days back I am happy to report that its not all that bad. Firstly, my recent scars from my TFE-“Trauma from Education” have all but disappeared due to a variety of naturopathy treatments like waking up late and goofing off all day… I think I’m cured enough to risk going back to my old college now without being tempted to do a Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. Forgive and Forget… But I make a solemn promise here – if I ever get to be on the faculty – I’ll treat my students like friends and not practise petty sadism on them…

The other thing that’s happened recently is having made concerted efforts to lose the 10 kgs or so had I put on during my final few months of my course – sleeping in the library, I am considerably lighter and tighter, (thanks to Mr.Prasanna of Swingers Dance school and the folks at Fitness One Gym, Kilpauk) and this has given me a peculiar habit of OCSD – Obsessive Compulsive Shopping Disorder – I keep shopping for clothes and more clothes – tight fitting, body showing stuff, and pile them at home- even though there is nowhere I can wear them to go to. At the end of the month my credit card bill shows me the extent of my madness…


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