What a Cliche!!!!!

Is necessity really the mother of invention? Does circumstances really make the man? Are these just cliches or is there something more to them? Lets take the second question first – today morning I was all beat waking up – a result of a bit of an overzealous workout yesterday. All I wanted to do was roll over and sleep again. Unfortunately I am no longer able to shirk my responsibilities with an easy conscience- I had appointments to keep and patients waiting (hopefully). So I dragged myself out of bed and went and got dressed; swearing to earn enough money soon for an early retirement….and maybe a villa in the Caribbean. But has my circumstances really brought a change in me? Am I now (god forbid) a real “Responsible” person- all grown up and mature? Does that prove I am now a Man? And then my first question- About necessity. Recent circumstances – the sudden transfer of my mother to Madurai High Court – have rendered me the sole occupant of the family homestead and has stirred my latent ambitions in the culinary skills. My knowledge of cooking goes so far as to say authoritatively that Knorr Soups tastes better than Maggi Soups – especially in the Sweet Corn Category. And I’d Recommend Ashirwads Palak Panner and MTR’s Pongal in the ready to eat category(heat it= eat it). Saves time cooking for one single person, although they all are labelled to serve four. So is necessity playing the role of my Mother?


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